Saturday, April 15, 2017


Are you ready for what might end up being our most colorful blog hop yet? The Rose Blossoms are creating with the Some Kinda Wonderful paper, which you have only two more weeks to add to your collection. After you see everyone's work you will wonder if you need one pack of this paper or two.

If you came from Marg's blog then WOO HOO!! If you're starting here that's great too. Make sure to find the link at the bottom of every blog so you can see everything that people have created with these products. You'll probably want to hop through twice. I always do!

It will come as no surprise that I have layouts for you. Five of them!! I used up most of the paper packet and the complements with these. If you have any preconceived notion about what the theme of this paper is you're probably wrong! LOL!! 

Once you see these layouts below you'll be convinced that it goes with everything!


Thank you for hopping on to my blog today. It's impossible to photograph but the black words and shapes are all sparkly!! I also plowed through a whole pack of black shimmer trim for these. In real life there's lot of glitter in these layouts that range from cat sitting to my son's senior engineering project. And also two of these layouts happened at Christmas time!! Sometimes Christmas calls for amped up versions of red and green!

To get a look at these products and place an order click HERE
You will see the paper pack and down below are the coordinating products.  

Now you're off to enjoy whatever Kim Hill has for you. 
It's sure to be great because that's how she rolls.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

THIN CUTS Rose Blossoms Blog Hop

It's Blog Hop day ... woo hoo!!  I'm always excited to be a part of this because I know I'm going to see some amazing Close To My Heart art AND be inspired to create above and beyond. You either came from Marg's magnificent blog or you're starting here. Whatever the case make sure to go all the way through and keep on hopping until you've seen all of the wonderful Rose Blossom creations.

We are featuring CTMH Thin Cuts, which are 25% off for the whole month of March. There's plenty of time left to build your thin cut collection. There are two kinds of thin cuts - stand alone shapes and cuts that coordinate with our tremendous stamp sets. I decided to work with the stand alone cuts. BUT I love them all! I'm certain that you'll see some great examples of both in this hop.

Here's my layout ...

This layout features two different sets - Happy & Stars. As you can see I got a LOT of mileage out of just these two sets for this layout. Do you notice how some of the starts are open and some are filled? I love how you can (carefully) use the whole star. That means this set adds up to SIX different stars that are available. {This is a secret, but sometimes I'm not careful and my thin cuts slide off the paper as I'm setting things up to cut. That might just account for the stars that are tucked in here and there or seem to be sliding off the page!! NEVER throw away your apparent mistakes!!}

For old time's sake I took out some paper and a pen to make this. My scrapbooking roots started just like that! The only upgrade here is glitter paper, which I didn't have 20 years ago! I had soooo much fun keeping it simple. AND as busy as it is my photos are still highlighted.

Here's another important thing about thin cuts. There's usually something useful left behind. With the negative space I have seven delightful cards to use for a variety of happy occasions. I've decorated two of them so far, with MORE thin cuts (Basic Hearts and Happy Birthday). This satisfies both of my creative outcomes, scrapbooking AND cards. Win-Win!!

Thank you for taking a look today. Now you get to check out Tweetscraps, where Morgan has surely made something you will want to duplicate. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

HELLO LOVELY Rose Blossoms Blog Hop

Welcome to our Hello Lovely Blog Hop. If you've hopped over from Marg's Blog you're on the right track. Make sure you see everyone's beautiful creations by clicking the link to the next blogger at the end of this post. I also have a guest at the end. I'm so excited to show you her card.

I'm excited to announce that - WOO HOO - I was able to do something I've always wanted to take the time to do. I have used up an entire Workshop Your Way (paper AND embellishments) with only this many scraps left ...

That whole tiny pile went in the garbage, which is another big accomplishment for me.

First I made five layouts. This one shows Hello Lovely playing with neutrals so I'm highlighting it. 

If you'd like two see the rest of the layouts you can click HERE.

The paper that was left after five layouts was turned into 16 cards.

There's not a single Gold Glitter Gem, Hello Lovely Complement, or scrap of Blush Shimmer Ribbon left. AND I love these cards. I will use them all as I write notes throughout this year. A few of these are duplicated designs with different sentiments. But most are unique. The Hello Lovely Thin Cut Bundle was used along with a wide variety of other stamps that I have on hand. 

Here are my top five picks from the pile. 

AND now I have a special guest, my friend and downline Anne Rukke
She made this beautiful card using Hello Lovely and the January SOTM. 
Don't you just love how she rolled those tiny flowers?

 I love my CTMH team, the Pretty Pieces. In February you can get 3 SOTM stamp sets FREE when you sign up. After you've hopped through come back and click HERE to learn more.

Now it's time to see the wonderfulness on Kim Hill's blog. Thank You for hopping with us.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Blog Hop With Hearts

I'm so excited to take part in the wonderful blog hop because ... hearts. I love hearts. They're my favorite shape. Some people have a favorite ice cream. I have a favorite shape. 

If you came here from  Wendy Coffman's Blog then you're on the right track. If you just stumbled on you're in for a lot of inspiration as you hop through these heart projects.

Do you have scraps that all seem to wind up being strips? I've been working with the Sugar Rush Paper Packet and wound up with a big stack.  So, I did this. It's hard to throw even the smallest piece away sometimes. It doesn't look like much but here's how it all starts ...

Turn it over and it's all adhered to a 4 x 5.25 inch piece of white cardstock. Once that's finished take out a scissors or trimmer and cut off everything that falls off the white page. When I do this I cover as much of the base piece with adhesive as possible and then adhere the pieces to that. You'll notice that the overlapping pieces are clean. That's because some of them are still possibly great scraps! LOL! ALSO, I do very little planning here. Take a pile of strips and start adding to the paper. I try not to put the exact same ones next to each other but that's about it.

I ran this piece through my Cuttlebug using a Heart Thin Cut
It's important to center it as best possible (you'll see).

This is what you wind up with in pieces.

Do the same thing with a coordinating, less busy piece of paper the same size.

Now you're ready to make TWO cards. I really love it when I can make two cards at once. These are adhered to a basic white card base.

The fun really begins when you add various stamps and embellishments. 
Here you have my two finished cards.

I spent less than a half hour going through the rest of the scraps and wound up with 8 more cards that are ready to decorate. Even without bling these make me very happy. Look at all those hearts!

Of course you don't have to wait for scraps to do something like this, but if you have some ...

Thank you for hopping over. Now go to Amie Kiger's Blog to see more inspiration. She has a list of all the participants plus something that I'm sure will make your heart full!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Seasonal Expressions Rose Blossoms Blog Hop

Happy New Year!! The Rose Blossoms are going to bring you a beautiful hop every month this year. You'll have to stay tuned in to see what we feature because it will change each month. Our choice for January is anything from the new Seasonal Expressions. Get your pen and paper out because you're surely going to want to make a list of products that you need to order ASAP!! If you came from the Marvelous Marg's blog then you're on the right track. Make sure to click the link at the end to see what Kim has for you too.

I've been using the Sugar Rush Paper Packet to make cards for a card buffet at the end of this month. You'll see almost all of the papers in this pack on these cards along with new stamps, tools and embellishments. There are also items from the Annual Inspirations on these cards. Here you go.

Sugar Rush Dots (cherry on the top)

Center of card

Clear Sparkles (Did you know you can color those with Shin Han markers?)
Silver Shimmer Trim (Did you know you can punch shimmer trim?)

Nothing new here, except the paper & washi that I've referenced above. BUT you gotta love how existing & retired products work so well with new CTMH products. 

Center of card ... the other part of the Happy Birthday Thin Cut

More retired mixed with new. 

All of these cards use CTMH white card bases
There's also a variety of card stock, ink, and in the mix. 

Thank you for hopping to my blog today. make sure to hop the Violets and Sunshine where Kim has certainly made something wonderful for you to see.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Sparkling New Year Blog Hop

Did someone say sparkle? I'm so be happy to have a little sparkly something ready to show for this January hop with some VERY talented ladies. If you just came from Wendy's blog you're right on track. Make sure to click on all of the links to see all of the talent in the hop.

I have just one card BUT it's a card with a lot of sparkles and a little pizzazz for the receiver. When it gets pulled out the envelope it looks like this ...

There's Sea Glass glitter paper and lots of shimmer from the clear shimmer brush. It's very difficult to photograph shimmer. Trust me when I say there's sparkle everywhere!! Whoever gets blessed with this card can stand it up just like this ...

It's an easel card. I think that's just so much fun. Thank you for taking a look today. To see what's next click HERE to see the sparkly fun that Kelly has created.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

THOUGHTFUL FLOWERS -December Stamp of the Month

It's that time again. The first of the month is a great time to hop with the Rose Blossoms to see some amazing artwork using the current Stamp Of The Month. Look at that variety of flowers!!

Make sure that you look at all of the blogs in this hop to see some stunning artwork with this beautiful set.  I you came from Lynn Darda's blog you're at the next stop.

I made a scrapbook page for you today. I can't wait to make amazing cards with this set but I have sooooooooo many pictures to deal with. I'd love to tell you the story of the mayhem involved in bringing you this page but you'll just have to believe me when I say that this comes to you due based on a creative idea, a series of debacles and a colossal mess! I loved making the mess too.

This is NOT what the idea looked like in my head. My imagination had a lot more variety of colors and more focused attention to each individual flower. But I love this too. Maybe next time I'll have to try the other idea again. All I did here was to paint a colorful area on a piece of watercolor paper and then stamp flowers in black in a fairly random way. You can't really tell from the straight on photo, but there's a little bit of a layering thing going on. I did do a tiny bit of fussy cutting as you can see below.

It was hard to decide if I needed a title for this page or not. And truthfully I ran out of creativity by the time that finishing touch needed to be added. I looked for an easy way out. The Adventure Fundamentals Complements were there for me with work "dream" already cut out in these beautiful glittery letters.  My life is better than I ever would've tried to imagine with this awesome man by my side. We have love and friendship and sooooooooooo much more. I'm truly living the dream.

Make sure to hop over to Kim Hill's blog next. I can't tell you what she made but this time around I know it will have flowers.