Friday, June 2, 2017

Day 60

For the past 59 days I have been creating every day for a minimum of 15 minutes. It's part of something called #The100DayProject. I haven't really gotten involved with that community, but if you search the hashtag you're certain to get an eyeful of amazing art. 

In the beginning of this adventure I wandered aimlessly. It was fun to just walk into my little crafty space and see what I would like to do. On Day 39 I made a decision to focus so I went beyond creativity to mixing in some productivity. Here's an example of what my typical 15 minutes turns into. This layout was done at least a year ago. Since I didn't know the exact DOB of the babies in the photos I shoved the layout in a box for "journaling".  This morning I sat down and searched through Facebook for just that little bit of information. The actual journaling took less than two minutes.

TIP OF THE DAY ... even if you aren't able to finish the journaling on a page take the time to write down the facts to store with the pages so that when you come back to add them you actually know what they are. It's a huge time saver at some point!


  1. Awe. This is so sweet. I passed on buying this kit, but later wished I had. Very cute pages.