Wednesday, March 15, 2017

THIN CUTS Rose Blossoms Blog Hop

It's Blog Hop day ... woo hoo!!  I'm always excited to be a part of this because I know I'm going to see some amazing Close To My Heart art AND be inspired to create above and beyond. You either came from Marg's magnificent blog or you're starting here. Whatever the case make sure to go all the way through and keep on hopping until you've seen all of the wonderful Rose Blossom creations.

We are featuring CTMH Thin Cuts, which are 25% off for the whole month of March. There's plenty of time left to build your thin cut collection. There are two kinds of thin cuts - stand alone shapes and cuts that coordinate with our tremendous stamp sets. I decided to work with the stand alone cuts. BUT I love them all! I'm certain that you'll see some great examples of both in this hop.

Here's my layout ...

This layout features two different sets - Happy & Stars. As you can see I got a LOT of mileage out of just these two sets for this layout. Do you notice how some of the starts are open and some are filled? I love how you can (carefully) use the whole star. That means this set adds up to SIX different stars that are available. {This is a secret, but sometimes I'm not careful and my thin cuts slide off the paper as I'm setting things up to cut. That might just account for the stars that are tucked in here and there or seem to be sliding off the page!! NEVER throw away your apparent mistakes!!}

For old time's sake I took out some paper and a pen to make this. My scrapbooking roots started just like that! The only upgrade here is glitter paper, which I didn't have 20 years ago! I had soooo much fun keeping it simple. AND as busy as it is my photos are still highlighted.

Here's another important thing about thin cuts. There's usually something useful left behind. With the negative space I have seven delightful cards to use for a variety of happy occasions. I've decorated two of them so far, with MORE thin cuts (Basic Hearts and Happy Birthday). This satisfies both of my creative outcomes, scrapbooking AND cards. Win-Win!!

Thank you for taking a look today. Now you get to check out Tweetscraps, where Morgan has surely made something you will want to duplicate. Enjoy!!


  1. Just AWESOME! Such a very happy page capturing a moment in time!

  2. your layout is so fun and love the way that you used the negatives on the cards!

  3. Be still my glitter lovin' heart! Brilliant and beautiful, just like you! Love the layout and the use of the negatives.

  4. I'm star struck! :) What a fun layout! Using the negatives is genius .... especially when it's glitter paper we're talkin' about. Great examples on how use those Thin Cuts!

  5. This is such a Shelly layout - bursting with fun, tons of details (but not overwhelming), and just a joy to see. And I love that you saved your negatives to create fun cards (turning a negative into a positive... ;)

  6. I love your fun, whimsical layout! I really like how you used a gradient color technique with the rows of "happy" and this layout is just that. Cool photos too. Great idea to show your cards cut with the negative pieces as well. I use every scrap of Glitter Cardstock that I can!