Monday, July 8, 2013

Mojo Monday 301

It's hard to say exactly why, but I've only used the Mojo Monday sketch once before (check it out --> HERE). It could be because Monday is my laundry day. It could be that a bajillion people make amazing things with the sketch. They intimidate me!! It could be a long list of reasons. (BUT I think I nailed it with that intimidation thing!!)

This week I have placed myself in a bit of a pickle (or a jam depending on what you're hungry for) so I'm getting inspired everywhere I can. It's amazing what a sketch can do to get you going when you need a push!! Here's the sketch thanks to Mojo Monday. AND below is my loose interpretation. I actually didn't study the sketch very well (ooooooops). In any case it inspired me and I really like the end result.

For my sparkle loving friends I stepped out into the glaring sun light to take a photo so that you can see the glimmer trim in action!! Thank you for stopping by to take a look.

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