Monday, August 13, 2012

This is the "Why?"

There are so many people out there creating beautiful cards. Just try a search for "cards" on Pinterest. There seems to be no end to the amazing things that people come up with. BUT the why is so much more important than the how to where cards are concerned. Handwritten notes connect us to each other. 

Today I was tagged in this Facebook photo.

I love it. These are some of the letters received at camp by a precious teen I know. (YEP ... one of them is from me.) It's hard to argue that letters aren't important when a 15 year old takes the time to display her collection, take a photo of it AND post the picture to Facebook. 

I'm so happy to know I made a little bit of difference in brightening someone's day. It makes the cutting and pasting so much more valuable. When I make a card it's not just a crafty project.

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