Wednesday, August 8, 2012

There's a First for Everything

NEW!!  That's the overall word to describe this card. New Color, Ruby ... New Ribbon ... New Bling ... New Stamp Set ... New Tools ... 2 New Techniques. The new techniques are the scary part.

Believe it or not I've only tried heat embossing a few times. Wait, I'm sure you'll believe that!! Of course I had a great debate with myself over showing you my lack of skill in the world of stamping. Hopefully you're encouraged to see that everyone starts somewhere. 

I know how embossing is  supposed to work, but the process brought about less than perfect results. I've decided to think of it as "rustic" or "distressed" embossing. It would be great to know what I'm doing wrong.  I also tried stamp "kissing" for the first time here. The butterfly is stamped Ruby in both cases here. In one case I embossed the dots (most of the evidence of that didn't stick) and in the other I touched the two stamps together. Won't it be exciting to see me get better at this?? Look below to see an even worse attempt at embossing.

My favorite new item used here is the Make It From Your Heart book of patterns. There are 8 card patterns (one shown here), 2 single pages and 16 double page scrapbooking layouts. 

Another astounding truth ... I'm actually willing to link this to this week's Color Dare. It's all about Ruby. What's not to love about a new RED. I'd love to hear your advice on this embossing thing. My biggest question ... how do you get the powder to go where it belongs and nowhere else? 

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  1. Hi Shelly! What kind of ink and powder did you use to emboss? I know that you need to use one of the Pigment Inks in order for it to stay wet long enough to hold the powder. Maybe that was the issue? I am so glad you shared your card because I love the way you used the dots stamp on the butterfly and background!