Thursday, August 2, 2012

Color Dare #9

Today it would only make sense for me to post some amazing NEW product from the NEW Idea Book ... right? I am a Close To My Heart consultant after all, who loooooooves paper. Of course there are 8 more new paper designs to love & they're exciting. You're sure to get plenty of exposure to those patterns right here as the next several months go by. We have until next February!

But not today ... today I'm rising to the challenge of Creme Brulee & Petal. (Color Dare #9 ... click on"color dare" to see the artwork of others) My very first response when I saw the chosen colors was, "Minnesota Vikings ... I wonder if I have any photos of someone in a jersey??" Well, I don't so I figured I'd wait until next week because I had no instant answer. 

BUT ... I decided to let this color combo roll around in my HEAD for a few days. All I came up with was  flowers. That's not a bad thing, but truthfully it's my "go to" decoration.  Flowers always work, but they don't necessarily stretch my imagination. If this is a challenge I want to do it like one.

The glitter on this card doesn't photograph well, but it's sparkly fun.
This morning while I was letting some scripture roll around in my HEART this card popped out without effort. It took me longer to find a variety of Creme Brulee paper scraps than it did to put it all together. It was the "show me where to walk" part of this verse working in real life.

A card like this writes itself. When I open it up to add a message of encouragement to someone I'm sure  the ink will flow (and I will use a purple pen). I love a card that inspires me to inspire someone else. That's the bottom line behind all of this paper cutting and gluing for me. Hand made cards help us to connect with one another in ways that text messages, emails and facebook posts all fall short. I love the creating but not nearly as much as dropping a note in the mailbox.


  1. Hi Shelley, Thanks for joining in at this week's color dare challenge. I really like your card. And thanks for the reminder of why we do this in the first place. I needed that.


  2. Shelly, thanks for your sweet and funny comment on my blog (scrappinbliss). I love pinterest, too. :)