Friday, June 29, 2012

Keep It Simple

Sympathy cards don't seem to be anyone's favorite kind of card to make. BUT you rarely know when you'll need one so it's good to have a few on hand. When it comes to design I have finally figured out that I need to relax. I always want the card to be perfect in every single way. The truth is that the recipient of this kind of card probably won't even notice what the outside looks like. Your note on the inside is what matters. Actually the fact that you even took the time to send a card might matter even more than your words.

There are no perfect words to send to someone who is dealing with loss. Try googling "what to say to someone who is grieving" OR "what not to say ... ". It's a good way to know how to start a note to a friend or loved one experiencing deep sadness. Sometimes the perfect card starts with a sweet sentiment. I love my Card Chatter - Sympathy stamp set. There's a whole range of sayings for both the inside and the outside of the card. It's a good start to encouraging someone in a difficult situation.

The worst thing you can do at such a time is ... nothing. So, put together some simple cards and make sure to take the effort of acknowledging someone's loss. The act alone makes the card perfect.

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  1. very nice card. These are hard cards to make and always good to keep on hand.