Saturday, June 2, 2012

Make Your Own Paper

Graduation Party Time 
Yes, it's grammatically appropriate to capitalize all of that because during June in Minnesota (where I live) this is a real event. It's like a holiday in between Memorial Day and Fourth of July. This is the first big weekend!!  Oh boy ... dinner with friends and family in the great outdoors every weekend. There's nothing quite like it. AND of course it's a card occasion.

I don't have any true "graduation" paper. It's OK because I'm taking a simple design I discovered on Pinterest and making it in school colors for all of the graduates in our life. I used background stamps from the set called Diverse Backgrounds to make these. 

If I wasn't in a hurry to have some sheet cake I would've taken the time to make sure the cards I posted were perfect. BUT ... well I'm not perfect, so why should my cards be?

I decided that I'm not up to the task of lining up this dotted background today. In fact, if you want to have the ultimately best results with a stamp like this it works to cut the paper smaller than the stamp. 

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