Thursday, May 31, 2012


Lately I've been writing at least one card every day. You'll never know how it will change YOUR life to do something like that until you try it. Yes, it's selfish of me to sit down and write encouraging notes. It seems like I can't help but walk to the mailbox with a smile on MY face.

Since a lot of these notes go to the same place I try to send something different each time. Today I was feeling "simple monogram". So I literally used the paper that was closest to my Cricut and cut out the four larger pieces you see here. I glued it all together and added a sticky border. The only time consuming part was the moment when I thought maybe NOT simple and I started digging through embellishments. You can't believe the possibilities with ribbon.

In the end a few simple dots of liquid glass seemed to be all I needed. TADA!!

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