Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's What's On the Inside

Handmade cards are beautiful aren't they? Their beauty is multiplied when there's a personal note inside. There's just something about kind words from a friend. In the age of electronics, email has a way of keeping us away from the practice of writing to one another. A letter in the mail is completely unexpected. Truthfully, a personal email isn't "normal" either.

BUT today I decided to make it all work together. I received an encouraging email that ministered to my heart. AND I love handmade cards. SO I took out a card I recently made ... printed out the email ... glued the two together and Voila!!!  A handmade note of encouragement that I can look at again and again. I suppose it's a little bit weird, but I don't care.

This note encourages me and I want to carry it with me. What a pretty way to do it. Take some time to encourage others with handwritten or email composed notes. As long as the words come from your heart it really doesn't matter what the format is. You will be a blessing.

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