Thursday, March 15, 2012

Walking Down Memory Lane

The title today has a double meaning : )

First ... I was thinking about journals. They're made of paper you know. I love to keep journals and I rarely ever go back and read them. Recently I've been making more effort to do just that. It's interesting to see where I've been & it takes me to memories that I don't keep track of because they're written in my journal.

Do you keep a journal? What's it about? Have you ever gone back to read and realize that you're growing up?  If you aren't writing down something about your life ... start. If you are, take a minute to go back and read a few things. It's entertaining ... maybe it will even give you something to think about for your next journal entry.

Second... I was just thinking about these specific journals I used to make from mostly ... you guessed it ... paper. Of course I could still be making them but the lack of time always seems to be getting in my way. So this is just a trip down memory lane right now.

 Enjoy the pictures but remember ... a plain old notebook is more than acceptable for your thoughts & ideas. You don't have to decorate it. Journals are like personal notes in my opinion ... just write. The outside container is NOT the most important part. When you put a piece of what's inside you down on paper it changes you somehow, whether it's for you to read or someone else. Try it!

This is one of my favorites ... the next time I make one for myself It will be like this!!

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