Thursday, March 29, 2012

Side Tracked

I've been sooooo busy creating some cards for you with the new Dotty for You paper pack ...
... needless to say I guess I can get easily distracted when there's a pile of colorful scraps sitting in my peripheral vision. There's something about mixing an matching papers that has always appealed to me in this wonderful world called Paper Creating. (that may be a made up name)

You'll have to come back to see the cards, but in the meantime I have this.

 It's so crazy easy to do this it's embarassing.
Cut A LOT of triangles of different angles. Take a piece of 12 x12 cardstock and apply adhesive in two strips about 2 inces apart along the sides. (you can just start with one side and apply more adhesive as you go) Start adding triangles. You'll have to turn them back and forth to keep from angling right off of the page. This is going to look like a mess because you'll have pieces hanging everywhere. When all of the pieces are applied you just trim off the excess around the outsides AND cover up the center with another piece of cardstock. The only slightly tricky part comes when you've gone around the whole page and there's one space left. You'll probably have to trim that last triangle to fit just right.

I've been doing this for years and it never gets old. Here's a page I made at least 10 years ago. I gave it away so I can't show you what it looks like now. And here's an example using bigger triangles.

And now you see why I rarely throw any paper away.

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