Wednesday, March 28, 2012

In The Beginning ...

Nope ... I'm not about to tell you a Bible story. Today I was working with the new Dotty for You paper pack and I decided to scrapbook like I did when I first started in 1998.  All I had back then was some paper, a scissors, adhesive and my photos. Those were simpler times before I ventured into crazy amounts of embellishments & a case full of tools. I didn't know there were magazines or trends to follow. I was innocently just trying something new. When I first started to scrapbook it was just an experiment. Other people were doing it so I decided to give it a try. My goal was to scrapbook for one complete year to see if I liked it. hahahaha ... and as they say, the rest is history.

In the beginning I couldn't stand the thought of cutting my pictures ... I mean, come on. I paid for the whole thing. Why would I cut some off and throw it away?  Yes ... this photo on the left is literally the first page I ever made. The computer can't even comprehend that color of fluorescent pink, but trust me when I say it's bright. Eventually I moved into patterned paper and took out my scissors. I used things around the house to come up with various shapes. Many of my dishes were circle templates and I even traced my kid's hands. I used a ruler to draw a straight line on the back of a picture because I had no idea what a paper trimmer was.

The Dotty for You paper is so much FUN!!! Today I forced myself to go back in time. I refused to use  anything beyond paper, scissors, adhesive & one marker. Most of this was cut free-hand. The one thing I couldn't do was set my paper trimmer aside. So if you're keeping track I guess that's a cheat.

Yep ... I hand cut these letters. No templates, no machines.
The journalling says, "Why? That's the question from both points of view. Adam wonders ... Why does she have to take sooooo many photos? I'm thinking, Why won't he cooperate so I don't have to take soooo many photos? Why? Why? Why?"  I know there are other paparazzi mom's out there who can totally relate to this.
More fun with scissors.

These pieces & the "tickets" are also cut from one of the Dotty for You patterns. There are 12 different designs (two of each) in the paper pack. For this layout I've cut into 4 of the 12 patterns. Come back tomorrow for more.

Cut from one of the beautiful papers.

For those who are Pinterested : )

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