Tuesday, November 8, 2011

No Photos ... No Problem

There's more than one way to scrapbook. Every person develops a style and a process that fits just right for her needs. A girl just gets more done that way.  BUT a scrapbooking rut can also develop from doing it the same way every time. New ideas don't seem to burst out of a well developed process. That's why I have grown to love creating pages without any pictures - NONE.

Scrapbooking without pictures can push some people over the edge.  They don't like wondering if the colors will match or there will be enough pictures for all of the spaces. I say RELAX and give it a try.

Finished this layout up with photos, a title & journalling in 15 minutes.

As a CTMH consultant I have a box full of layouts that have been created for various classes along the way. There's so much freedom in making the page just the way it is. and not worrying if it will work later on. The best part is when you have the itch to get something done BUT not enough time to really go all out. Take out your box of layouts in waiting and attach some photos.  Add a little journalling and a title & you're truly finished in less than 15 minutes. Not only are you done, but you probably made a page that will look great in your scrapbook since it changes up the style you usually use and pulls you out of your scrapbooking rut.

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