Thursday, June 16, 2016

Like A Boss

Once Upon A Time  I bought a Cuttlebug ...

That where the story of this blog post begins.
You're in the middle of a blog hop. It's possible that you came here from Becca Whitham's blog. OR you're starting here. Whatever the case, make sure to keep hopping through so you can see everyone's interpretation of embossing. The options are truly endless.

Here's the time line for what you see below.

Black Friday 2015 - Cuttlebug Ordered
January-May 2016 - Folder Collecting
March 2016 - June Blog Hop Sign Up Begins
June 14 AM - I Sign Up In Order To Force Myself into Learning How to Use My Cuttlebug AND Get the Folders Out of Their Packaging
June 15 PM - I Take Out My Blue Scraps and Start the Learning Process. Tried All the Folders I Like the Best and Then Went to Bed
June 16 9:30AM - Decide I Know Enough to Make a Project
9:35AM - Realize That I Have NO Really Good Project Ideas BUT a Photo of Everyone in My Family Wearing Blue
9:40AM - Find Said Photo
9:45AM - Lay Scraps On a Piece of White Cardstock
9:50AM - Glue Scraps Down Without ANY Trimming, Cut a Photo Mat and Wonder What Next
10:00AM - Spot a Pile of Stuff I Found Trying to Clean My Scrapbook Supplies. Clear Letters Are Perfect For This. Glue Letters to One of Embossed Scraps (this was literally the hardest part). Glue Shows Through so I Rub Some Ink Over It. Too Square ... Cut it Into a Banner Shape
10:15AM - Write a Little Journaling From My Heart
10:25AM - Take a Photo of the Finished Page
10:30AM - Transfer Photos to Computer With No Editing
10:35AM - Write This List!

Here you go ...

June 15 PM
10:00 - 10:15AM
This may just be the fastest scrapbook page I ever made but I'm happy with it. It makes me realize that sometimes I just try way too hard. Every page can't be a masterpiece, even if you're going to show it to the public at large. For those out there who feel like you're winging it half the time, you've got a friend in me. I'm sure that every time I run across this page in the album I'll remember the "system" of mayhem I used to create it. For those who are wondering, I'm still not fully confident in my embossing skills. All the folders are open now though so I'm making progress.

Thank You for stopping at my blog today. Keep on hopping to see what Stephanie Davis has created for you. Embossing is a different kind of process for everyone!!

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  1. Shelly, I love your entire post! I still feel like I am winging it most of the time, lol! Your layout turned out beautiful, especially because the photo is still the main focus! I bet you will love your Cuttlebug, and you might even get really brave and try out dies next! ;)