Sunday, February 1, 2015

HAPPY HELLO - February 2015 Stamp Of The Month Blog Hop

We're having another great Blog Hop with the Rose Blossoms using the February Stamp Of The Month. In fact, mark you calendar because you can plan to see this hop EVERY month in 2015. If you came here from Barbara's Blog you're right on track. If you just jumped in here you can hop through the whole thing by clicking the link at the bottom of this post.

What do you think of this stamp set? 15 images that mix and match into what seems like an infinite number of combinations. It seems like someone could do one of those probability math equations here, if a Close To My Heart consultant took 40 exclusive CTMH colors and the Happy Hello stamp set how many different flowers could she make? Let me know what you come up with.

In the meantime I have some art to show you. I'm not gonna lie. These kinds of stamp sets put me on tilt just a little. There are just tooooooo many options and I can't figure out where to start. Thankfully while I was thinking about it I was drinking a cup of hot coffee and setting it down on one of my new coasters. I bought these when I was shopping for someone else's birthday present. (why does that always happen?)

I know these coasters really don't look anything like the stamps in this set but they inspired me. In fact, they inspired me to unleash my inner kindergartner. This turned into a messy project of grand proportions!! I used a LOT of different ink colors, my Twin Touch alcohol markers, spray pens in a couple of different colors, a water brush and my journaling pen. Did I forget anything? Yes ... a lot of soap and water to try to get my hands clean.

Since there are no instructions for something like this so I just tried a little of everything. I like some of the results better than others but overall I think I did it. Here's what happened.

I realize that these aren't exactly the crisp clean images that you'll most likely see as you work your way through this hop. In fact the fuzzy, messy, shadowy, squiggly edges here make me happy. I really like things off center and crooked. It hides all of my mistakes.

So ... what's a girl supposed to do with these things?? Just like the stamp set the options are endless. I thought about making another set of coasters - hahahahahaha!! BUT here's the most predictable choice. A card. There's one more stamp in the set that I didn't show you. The sentiment stamp say "A Happy Hello".  Isn't it pretty?

Here's something a little less predictable ... a scrapbook layout. 

I cut up all of the remaining squares (except my favorite one). It makes me happy on so many levels I can't even begin to explain it. Here's a good eyeful of the first page. Did you know that you can color so many of our CTMH embellishments with our alcohol markers? These Artisan Studs took the ink so well. I changed some of them to red and some to blue and left the rest alone.

I stamped this paper before I sent it through the Cricut.
My favorite square with some embellishments

Thank You for stopping at my blog.

I have no doubt that Kimberly Hill has something wonderfully creative for you to see 


  1. Just so gorgeous! And very artfully done! I especially like how you used the pieces on your lovely layout.

  2. Absolutely over-the-top gorgeous work!!! This is messy, artistic, fun, and downright beautiful!!! I love this post and everything about it!!!!!

  3. This really is amazing, Shelly!

  4. This really is amazing, Shelly!

  5. I love these cards and I'm so glad I got to see them in person. But I have to say, it was awesome to see where your inspiration came from. I think this is just the neatest technique and to be so inspired by coasters of all things is just so cool!

  6. Wow! Those are great! Very inspiring!

  7. Love your design Shelly! You amaze me with your "thinking outside the box" and your wonderful talent. Just gorgeous!

  8. Where do I begin? First off: LOVED reading this post! I really like how you start with what inspired you. Your selection of colors, the card, and the layout are all wonderful examples of how to use this SOTM. My fav? You showed us how to really dig in, work the stamps, ink, and paper. You inspire me ... always!

  9. Be still my mixed-media loving heart! These are amazing Shelly. I love the way you've used them in so many different ways. So inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  10. WOW! WOW! WOW! Those coasters are amazing. I love the card and layouts too, but those coasters made me drool!

  11. Beautiful artwork you created, great technique tip (our shin han markers to color the artisan studs, AND a fun read. I give this post two thumbs up!