Monday, September 22, 2014

Celebrate Love

Have you missed me?? I've missed you. It's hard to imagine that a whole week has gone by since I showed you something fun with the #30yearsofhappy stamp set. Today I'm mixing it up with the Celebrating Love stamp set.

My goal during the month of September is to show you different stamps sets that you can pair with these little stamps. You will be buying $30 in stamps in order to receive this free set. So, I'm just helping you to shop.

It's a quirky thing but I really like to use every individual stamp in a set. This time around I met my goal quickly with three different cards.

Don't you just love these stamps for wedding and anniversary cards? The first two cards are 3x6. The little mini  2x2 at the end is perfect for a gift enclosure.

This is a blank card stamped all over at random with the floral stamp.
You don't have to use ALL of any given stamp. Here I used ONLY the SWAK! Isn't it the cutest?

If you place a $50 order that includes $30 in stamps I will give you a 1x1 block to go with all of your tiny new stamps. You can order through me personally or through my website. I'll make sure that mini block gets into your hands one way or another! Go back through the posts in September to see which other stamp sets these little stamps can support.