Saturday, December 7, 2013

X - Xtras

Welcome to the Everything ABC's Blog Hop!

For this hop we will be featuring the letter X. This may be the name of a paper, a stamp set or an embellishment. Whatever the crafter has chosen as her X element will be featured in her post.

If you have just hopped onto my blog, please start at the beginning at Linda's blog ~ Scrappy Therapy 

If you came from Jen's Creative Classroom then you're on the right track!

Of course there aren't very many words that actually start with an X. AND anyone who has followed the ABC Blog Hop would probably guess that somehow I'd work in something with paper scraps one last time before the alphabet is over! So, X is for XTRAS.

I love paper scraps. It's possible that I like them even more than brand new sheets of paper. There's something a little intimidating about a full piece because as my tagline says … it's so full of possibility. I can't decide which idea to go with. BUT a scrap is more limited by it's size and shape. For some reason that really helps me.  Less is more.

So, the other day I accidentally made this …

I'm not kidding. I pulled out a paper pack called Laughing Lola to create an adorable layout or two for my Mission Accomplished club. Hmmm … if you look at the layout theres a strip of pinkish purple (technically called "Laughing Lola Purple"). That's the only piece of paper from the pack! I can't tell you exactly what happened after that, but all of these other scraps seemed to be vying for Lola's attention. Before you know it EVERYONE was included. That's what happens when you're a joyful sort like Lola. Everyone wants to join in.

Your next stop on our Everything ABC'S blog Hop is Linda.

Here is the complete lineup in case you get lost along the way :)

1. Linda Norman - Scrappy Therapy
2. Jenny Gilbert- Jen's Creative Classroom
3. Shelly Nemitz- Just One Piece <--- You are HERE!!


  1. Love the Xtras! I need to do that more often!

  2. How do you only have one comment on this layout? It is pure genius! I am so excited to show it off! Thanks for being my scrapping guru! ;)