Sunday, November 24, 2013

Virtual Crop

For the past couple of days I've been participating in something called a Virtual Crop. Thanks to the World Wide Web paper creators can stay home surrounded by all of their stuff AND be together as they create. Basically it works like this …

1 - Someone is in charge (I'm always happy about that as long it's not me.)
2 - That someone puts together an event and invites people no matter where they live. The event I was at happened on Facebook.
3 - That someone also puts up a challenge or a question every hour or so.
4 - People at home create according to the challenges and answer the questions. Then photos are posted showing each interpretation of any given challenge. That's where it really gets to be fun.
5 - There's "conversation" through the comments on FB and various postings along the way. It's as busy as an actual room full of chatty paper creating girls.

I'm looking forward to "attending" again next month.

Here's some of my favorite FINISHED work. "Finished" is capitalized because every time I go away from home to create everything comes back with the need for a little follow up, which rarely happens.

This page was sooooooo easy to make using my Cricut and the Artbooking cartridge from Close To My Heart. I love how all of the little arrows in the chevron pattern point to my precious kids. AND I also love how the bling fits perfectly with the cut. You can find the BLING and the CARTRIDGE by clicking on the word.

This was a color challenge with colors I NEVER pull out. I love how it all turned out! Maybe I'll start adding more purple to my scrapbooking life.

Below you'll find some almost finished work :) That happens at home too.

Do you see my slippers?? That's part of the fun … cozy and casual. There's a little Artbooking going on with this layout too!!! "brrr"

The pile on the left are the AFTER photos from my daughter's trip to camp. That page is going to be a snap to put together because this one is the real star. I love FAST scrapbooking.

Do you like a good challenge to get you motivated to try new things? That's one of the best things about this. It gets me into the "forgotten" supplies that I have when I'm looking to complete a certain color scheme or supply challenge.

The pictures below are from the first time I virtually cropped. Looking for a Virtual Crop of your very own … Google it!! It's happening all over the world!


  1. I love this post. I've never thought of blogging about the virtual events. I'm gonna copy this too! Aren't you glad you joined us JUST to give ME inspiration?!? HAHAHA!!! Thanks Shelly!

    1. I'm pretty sure we were there to inspire each other!!! My favorite part is making new "virtual" friends.

  2. I LOVE the page with the sun! I actually love them all...I am glad you scrapbook for me. Lol... ;)