Saturday, March 16, 2013

F - Flip Flaps

Welcome to the Everything ABC's Blog Hop! For this hop we will be featuring the letter F. This may be the name of a paper, a stamp set or an embellishment. Whatever the crafter has chosen as their F element will be featured in their post. If you have just hopped onto my blog, please start at the beginning at Amber's blog ~ Scrappers Therapy

"More ... we want More".

Have you ever seen that commercial with the little girl who explains why MORE is better? Since it just seems like a must see ... here it is. Your 30 seconds will be well spent.

AND I'm sorry if you don't like being advertised to. I feel just like this girl when it comes to photographs. I just want MORE.

So I'm here to announce that in your scrapbooks you can have more and you don't even have to get anyone's permission. The answer is FLIP FLAPS!!!!!!! To see the packaged product click right here --> FLIP FLAPS

I'm the Queen of Too Many Photos. Yet, I never want to change. AND I never want to get rid of very many of the pictures either. At the same time I only want to tell the story on one layout in my scrapbook. So Close To My Heart has this ingenious product that gives me everything I ever wanted and MORE. The best thing I can do is show you.

WARNING ... This post isn't about expert photography or even about the layouts themselves. This is all about MORE!! There are a lot of photos ahead ... now you've been warned so you can't complain.

Let's start with sports because that's one of those areas where I just can't get enough photos. I fill up the entire memory card at every game to make sure I get the very best shot. So in the past I found myself doing something like this ...

But I prefer a lovely, uncluttered layout as much as anyone! BUT I have sooooo many more photos (and awards and journalling and ... well, MORE) With Flip Flaps I can have it all. Here's the lovely uncluttered version ...

AND here's everything else. My layout looks like it has 8 photos but once the secret is revealed ... there's so much MORE. There are nearly 30 photos on this layout. That's a LOT more.

Flip Flaps are a Close To My Heart product that you add to the outside of your page protectors to expand your pages. The sizes range from 2x2 inches all the way up to 8x12 inches. Every size is good for something. If you don't know where to start I recommend using 4x6 ... your basic photo size. Here's a simple way to expand a layout. The photo in the lower right of this page "matches" my layout but there are other lovely photos from the same place. They're just hidden from the initial peek.

There's MORE about flip flaps if you want to read on ... if you're ready to hop ...
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MORE ... about Flip Flaps

I could go on and on ... I've been through several packages of Flip Flaps. I recently just used them with a Studio J layout too. There's no end to the applications. You don't even have to do 12x12 layouts or Close To My Heart specifically. EVERYONE wants MORE so these are for every scrapbooker of every sort!! (Yes they're great for holding memorabilia too.) Flip Flaps are also a great way to "hide" your handwriting, but still do plenty of journalling. I know you have plenty of things to do. So you can stop any time. BUT I really want to show you MORE for those who really do want MORE.

The photos under the flap aren't the best ones, but a guy only graduates from high school once. 

Nerd Birthday Party ... my daughter & her friends don't normally dress like this.


Thanks for hanging in there. If you came this far you can certainly see how much MORE you can have if you apply a Flip Flap or two. I have more photos on how they go on, but you can trust me when I say they're sticky ... really sticky ... and you just press them on where you want them to go. They will not move after that!!! Here are some Flip Flap before the strip that hides the sticky is removed.


  1. Ha ha, I love that commercial! Great use of products in your project. TFS

  2. SOLD!!! You are a flip-flap pro!!! This is fantastic, Shelly! I cannot believe how many different ways you use them. I bought a pack, and they are still unopened...but not for long! ;) Thanks for MORE!

  3. Love the way your mind thinks! :) I take WAY to many photos and I don't want to cut them down and lose any of the photo but I want as many on a page as I can get, so I'm with ya there. I've used flip flaps before I joined CTMH and have LOVED the flexibility that it gives in layouts. I think you need do make a little commercial for them, like the sham wow guy :))))

  4. I must have missed your blog during the hop as I always try to comment. I LOVE FLIP FLAPS!! Great job displaying how you used them. Love your Volley Ball LO. I am about to embark on a digital scrapbook for my sister who is a professional VB player. I hope it works since all the pics are coming from the internet. I hope i don't have resolution problems in Studio J.