Thursday, March 21, 2013

Color Dare #34

It might sound wrong ... but I don't always trust the Color Dare. Sometimes I look at the combinations and think, "Why would that look good?". This week was one of those dares. My favorite color in the whole world (green of any sort) matched with one of my least favorites (orange of any sort). 

Why would I want to take the time to make something like that?

WELL ... because Sarah Stone, who comes up with the challenges, knows something I don't claim to understand. Every dare is an opportunity to learn something new and step outside of my box. We all need to get stirred up a little here and there. When I try I'm always pleased. Even when I don't try that hard.

This week I barely tried. (sorry Sarah) BUT there was some feisty thing inside of me that moved me to my scraps.  I basically just pulled out whatever popped up in Olive, Sweet Leaf and Goldrush. I did one of those things I do and made a whole bunch of pieces approximately the same length. 

Here's what I wound up with ...

Now what? I just adhered them at random more or less to some cards.

Once I had these finished I was stuck because green and orange aren't about anything!!  I went searching for a sentiment and discovered that I'd NEVER stamped this adorable little lamp. So it just seemed like the right thing to do. I just kept on stamping lamps in a variety of color combinations until I had the same number of lamps as I had cards. Some combos are better than others!! 

Overall, I'm happy with my results. It turns out that Sarah Stone has nailed it once again!! I can't choose a favorite. I love it when the random scrappy process works out. AND truthfully it almost always does.


  1. You did a great job with these colors! I saw that challenge, too, and felt like it would be toooooo much of a challenge for me to fit the sweet leaf in the mix. You have inspired me - I may have to give it a whirl!

    1. YES ... Drop everything and do it! You have all of the rest of the day Brenda.

  2. WOW! I love the way you approached this Color Dare--thanks for taking the photos and the time to explain it to us also! I love when I can use scraps to make a card when in reality I have more full sheets of paper than I can ever possibly use--it just feels good to reuse the smaller bits. I love how all of your cards differ from each other just a bit and I liked your use of the lamp!
    Thanks for joining us again at Color My Heart Color Dare and for inspiring us to keep trying Sarah's fabulous color ideas!
    :) Marie

  3. Shelly, that is an awesome process! It takes most of the hemming and hawing out of the equation! That is what turns an innocent card into an all day production for me sometimes! All the darn choices! I love your strips idea...going to have to start there sometime! Thanks so much for the inspirational post! I {heart} scraps! The Color My Heart Color Dare is happy you came over to play! :)

  4. Wow, what great cards for starting with random scraps and putting it all together! Thanks for sharing, I sometimes wonder too if I can get the colors to come together. Sarah does a great job coming up with them. Thanks for playing Color My Heart Color Dare this week

  5. Shelly, you are funny! I love your whole process for making these cards... sometimes I do it the same way - just grab what I have and see how it looks together! Yours turned out really cute. I love that lamp! Thanks for playing along this week at Color My Heart. We always love when you do!


  6. Love your cards! You are awesome at using scraps. I still haven't gotten around to trying a few cards using this method but it will happen soon. Your my inspiration :-)

  7. Shelly, you always make the best cards out of scraps! Love these

  8. Thanks for inspiration! These cards are beautiful!