Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Page 24

Every time a new Close To My Heart Idea Book comes out I want to copy everything. AND every time ... I don't copy anything.  The new products start arriving and I get carried away by my own ideas.    Two weeks ago I went the the CTMH Regional Celebration in St. Louis. One of my wants has been fulfilled.

Here I am to show you my first ever detailed copy ... page 24 of the current book. Thank You CTMH for providing all of the pieces and having them all cut up. There's even a bonus companion page that's not in the book. I love it. 

I actually finished everything but the journalling in St. Louis. They even told us what size pictures to bring. Since I only know the paper was Clementine I figured it would be a girly page. It turns out that my beautiful daughter is the perfect subject for this theme too. "My ray of SUNSHINE" is definitely "as cute as a button."

stamping, cutting, adhering - oh my
my daughter's initials
so easy with pre-made embellishments 
Companion page and the two pages together.

new alphabet ... starts out white ... as you apply color ... houndstooth


  1. This is a really cute layout! I love all of the stamped accents.

  2. I am so jealous you have picture in yours! They worked out perfectly. I am really going to have to start making all the things in the idea book that I say I will too!