Thursday, October 11, 2012

Express Collection Passes the Test

Recently I had less than two hours to create and order four Studio J layouts. 

THANK YOU to someone amazing at Close To My Heart who made these awesome Express Collection layouts for me to drag and drop my photos into. Did I get the four done in time? YES ... I did 5 (two not shown here) in less than two hours. That time included picking out photos, uploading, dragging and dropping, approving AND paying for the order. I'm SO excited. 

The best part is that I'm off on a scrapbook weekend with real paper!!  It feels like I jump started the effort before I ever left.

You MUST check out the Express Collection!! Click right here --> Studio J


  1. I have GOT to get my behind in gear and get some of these done this month!!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!! Thank you for reminding me, lol!

  2. great job! You inspired me to do some this week and I used two of the express kits!