Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Color Dare #11 and .....

This is my entry in the Color My Heart color dare. There were 6 colors put out there and I managed to include 5. These color dares are almost always a stretch for me, but I LOVE being taken outside of my box. Every day really is an adventure when you decide to take part. It's really pretty easy to sit back and do the same old things you always do. I encourage everyone to get out there and try something new. Take a little "detour" from your routine to take on some of the adventure that's out there. 

This card is also from the Make It From Your Heart book that I showed you yesterday. There are 12 card designs along with the 16 layouts. The card above is made from "pattern 20". 


  1. What a cute card, Shelly. Your stamping is impecable and you really made the colors work. Great job! BTW I love this new stamp set for cards so far. Thanks for joining in at Color My Heart!


  2. Thank You Sarah ... the last thing I thought I'd ever hear about my stamping skills is "impeccable". I've been stamping for less than three years and it's all CTMH's fault. hahahaha!!