Monday, May 7, 2012

MAYbe ???

So ... here's what happened to that stray Cricut cut out from yesterday. Since I save everything I have a box full of things that I cut wrong one way or another. Usually they get in there because I made too many ... that's the case with these little blue flowers.

I have some friends who think glitter fixes everything so this card needed a finishing touch so I took out some glitter glue. Hmmmmmm - I'm not sure if they're right. (but I probably should wait for the glue to dry to make that decision)

Grabbing a few things sitting around and gluing them together may not always turn into a spectacular piece of art, but when you're squeezing some crafty time into a long list of other events you just have to be happy with the results. Someone will love this card once I write a special note on the inside just for her.

MAYbe with this grab & glue technique there will actually be some posts to this blog in May.

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