Friday, April 20, 2012

Such Productive FUN!!!

For the past few days I've been putting together some plans for a brand new scrapbook workshop ... we're using one paper pack to make 6 pages (3 layouts).  It's ultra efficient since you're doing just one step at a time using all the same papers.  So ... you cut, assemble & add photos at your leisure. You can embellish at almost any time. I'm loving the results!!

If you're in my area (Mpls/St. Paul) and you'd like to come check out "upcoming events" above. If you want to hostess something like this in your home contact me and I'll bring the party to you.

You can see one of the finished layouts above. Here are photos showing the progress. 

Here's another photo using the same layout, but a different paper pack. A third paper option is at the bottom of this post. Every paper works, depending on your taste : )

Once again ... same layouts ... two different papers.

The productive part is that I have 16 pages made as I prep for this event. Some have photos on them already and others are ready to go when the right pictures come up.

Here's some more productive fun ...

My workshop came together using these great layout ideas from Tresa Black Her workshop makes 10 pages. I'm not quite ready to spring that on everyone yet. Here are some of her original designs ...

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