Thursday, December 1, 2011

NOT Behind

Scrapbookers always talk about being behind or getting caught up.  Some people start to scrapbook and then when they find out it's a less than orderly process they give up.  It helps to have a system, but it's not completely necessary. Instead of having a system I have a different attitude ... no rules.

If I'm going to enjoy scrapbooking it can't have rules. It has to be ok to make layouts with as many photos as I want AND be able to do it in any sort of order. I like combining old and new pictures together. I like to add lots of journalling or none at all. Some of my most beautiful layouts don't even have any pictures on them yet. Sometimes I'm inspired and leisurely.  Other times I just roll my sleeves up and get busy. Variety is the spice of life, right?  I live that out with a scissors in my hand.

If you have to be on top of things I've found the perfect solution.  Studio J  I'm not telling you this because I'm a Close To My Heart consultant. Scrapbooking will never be perfect or organized for me. Even when I do Studio J the pictures come from every sort of source. Yesterday I did something that I'm sure I've NEVER done before. I created the page above (in less than 15 minutes) using pictures that are less than a week old. I'm so impressed. NOT with myself, but with technology. Now I can see how a person could be up to date.

Here's another fun example. My daughter went to a Halloween dance and I had to stay up until midnight to pick her up. My bedtime is 10pm so a nap on the couch would have been my first option. I decided to dump the photos into my computer. Once I got a look at them, it was so exciting to get busy scrapbooking less than an hour after everyone drove off.

candy cigarettes in case anyone is concerned

I'll never be "caught up".  It's not my style.  But I'm not gonna lie. It's more than satisfying to know that a box full of FINISHED layouts will be arriving at my door next week.

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