Friday, November 18, 2011

Paper and Pencil Thanksgiving ...

This morning I took out a simple piece of notebook paper and numbered it from one to twenty-five. Next to each number I wrote something I am thankful for and why. It gets a little bit scary because when I was done with that I looked at my supply of paper and wanted to make 25 more lists. Each list would be 25 more specific things I'm thankful for in each of the first 25 categories. I'm sure I could do it too. AND if I made those lists it seems pretty certain that I'd come up with more lists after that.

My head and my heart are exploding with how amazingly blessed I am day in and day out.

Maybe it's a quirk or maybe it's a great technique, but there's something about writing things down. It's not the same as typing things up. It's more personal to look at your own handwriting ... mistakes and all. It seems more genuine than something typed up neatly on a computer using spell check.

It's the weekend, a great time to get your thankfulness all revved up for the coming week. Try this simple activity ... just one piece of paper, a pencil/pen, & a little bit of quiet time. You'll find yourself walking away more thankful AND you just might be more motivated to write those Thanksgiving cards I mentioned a few days ago : )

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