Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We Have A Winner!!!

Congratulations to Nicole Schieffer for winning my guessing contest ... She guessed 32 pages and I finished 33.  YIKES!!!!  I never thought anyone would be so close. In fact, I never thought I'd finish so many. I'm giving myself a prize too : )  And the prize for me is ... a nearly full album.

I will be delivering 10 lovely homemade cards to Nicole ... door to door.  


  1. Ahhh---- thank you so much!!!
    GREAT job, by the way!


  2. Congratulations, Shelly! I am very impressed. Y'all must have packed quite a lot of fun AND work into that weekend! :)

  3. hahaha ... is it ok to say I'm impressed too?? We were having so much fun it didn't really even seem like I was scrapbooking. In fact I thought I might not have been maintaining the balance between fun and productivity. The secret is that I was doing doubles on a number of layouts. Scrapbook getaways are the best!!!