Monday, October 10, 2011

A Thing of the Past

A little over a year ago we got this new refrigerator. When we took all of the magnets and photos and miscellaneous items off the front of the old fridge we made a commitment to change. Our shiny new black refrigerator would be memorabilia free. A small area on the side of the refrigerator has become our "magnet worthy items" area. The front is kept spotless. That was quite the accomplishment for our family. Well ... until this happened...

Just in time for Christmas last year, Daniel arrived home from his first semester of college. He tracked down some of our old magnets and set up this display. Yep, those are college tests, assignments and papers. Daniel knows how to make things fun!!

This is kind of silly, but everywhere I turn paper trumps all kinds of other methods. There's certainly a website where all of these grades are posted. It's most likely a more efficient way to obtain information BUT ... You have to admit there's something nostalgic and heart warming about seeing a refrigerator covered with paper accomplishments. There's something about seeing those comments and marks written with a red pen that makes you think about your own school days. It seems that we never outgrow the desire to have our best work displayed on the family refrigerator. Adorable.

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