Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Power of Three

OK ... not so very long ago I got three letters in the mail on the same day. I was giddy!!! All the letters were from people who easily could've sent me a text or a facebook message. In fact, during the time between when they sent the letters and when they arrived these were all people I talked to. Two of them were so excited to have sent a letter that they told me one was on the way. It didn't ruin the surprise. It made me go with great expectations to my mailbox every day. What a great bonus it was to receive three at once!!

So today I decided to have a bonus day going in the other direction. I'm sending three letters. There's so much reward and just as much giddiness in sending mail as there is in receiving. I'm not sure if I'll have any really obvious results to show anyone today. BUT the value of sending a note is beyond measure. It's tempting to send a text to these people to let them know a letter is on the way. For now I'll just have to jump up and down all by myself and enjoy knowing that a blessing is on the way. I'm having a happy day.

The bottom line ... write a note to someone who is just a phone call away; even if it's someone you'll see tomorrow. And if you get all excited and give it away, oh well. Your day will be better for it and so will the person you write to.  You're sure to make someone smile and it will probably be you : )

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