Thursday, October 20, 2011

Life Changing Paper

It's truly amazing to me how just one piece of paper that I interact with every week has transformed me little by little over the past 17+ years.  On Tuesdays I attend a "small" group called HomeMakers at my church. When I started going I was bringing a one & two year old to the childcare window. Now those two boys are away at college and this simple study still makes all the difference in my life. Of course the actual piece of paper doesn't have any power. BUT ... there's no question about what will happen to any wife/mother/friend who is diligent to take the paper out when she gets home and use it to read, study, pray, meditate & discuss all week long. A girl's gotta get the most out of each study sheet because a new one will be available in the coming week. And the new one is bound to be as valuable as the one before it.

How can I give so much credit to one piece of paper? This study sheet hasn't changed in all the years I've been going to HomeMakers. It has stayed consistent and I've followed along week after week. It's the only thing in my life that I can say I've stayed true to when it comes to reading & studying the things that impact me as a Believer. A lot of other studies and devotionals have been my companion here and there along the way, but there's nothing like the day to day of my HomeMakers worksheet that even comes close.

So let me save you lots of time and money searching for the "perfect" book to enhance your quiet time. You can listen along and start making this piece of paper a part of your life too. Just click here no matter where you live ... HomeMakers. Or even better, come with me and my 200 friends on Tuesday mornings. I'll save you a place if you tell me you're coming.

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