Thursday, October 6, 2011

How Many Pages? GUESSING CONTEST ... you can win

Have you ever guessed the number of jelly beans in a jar? I'd say it's pretty much an impossible thing to do. Someone always gets in the ball park, but it's seriously just a guess. If there's science and/or math involved I'm pretty sure the average guesser doesn't remember how to apply it.

I'm having a ridiculous contest like that of my own. Guess how many scrapbook pages I finish this weekend as I dedicate myself to a whole weekend of scrapbooking. I'm talking 3 FULL days. 

Win a stack of 10 FREE hand made cards by being the closest guesser to the final number.

As you read this I'm away scrapbooking with some friends. My goal is to come home with 40 finished pages (each page is one 12x12 piece of paper).  It's a lofty goal in case you don't know anything about scrapbooking. I might talk too much or get distracted. It happens at things like this. There are no apologies involved. Some people accomplish and some people don't. It's about that simple. I'm going to try really hard (especially since I told you about it). BUT it's about as easy to guess what will happen as it is to figure out how many jelly beans are in the darn jar.

Send an email with your guess to  Include your guess for the number of pages and your mailing address. I can't wait to pick a winner.

If you want to be added to my Close To My Heart customer list I'll add you, but only if you specifically ask.

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