Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What's in Your Mailbox??

Yesterday I wrote two letters (with a pen on paper ... not email).
Yesterday I gave away 4 handmade cards to others so they could send a personal note in the mail.
Yesterday I bought 100 stamps, because I plan to be busy writing notes : )
Yesterday I figured out a speedy quick way to make 9 cards out of one piece of pretty paper.
Yesterday I wrote a little something about sowing and reaping in my journal.

AND yesterday I received a handmade card with a personal note in the mail!!!

Of course I squeal and jump up and down a little when I get a letter in my mailbox. I don't write notes to get notes, but I love having the receiver's feeling every now and then.  It gives me great satisfaction to know that I can add a smile (and maybe a little happy dance) to someone else's day.

It's not that I write life changing words of wisdom. Most of the notes just say "thinking about you" in one form or another. Before someone even opens a hand written note the message is ... "when I thought about you today it moved me. It got me to take a pen and a piece of paper to a quiet location. I wrote down a few things that I would've said to you if you were sitting with me. I spent a little time with you even if your part (reading) happened several days after mine."

If you haven't discovered anything but bills and junk mail in your mailbox lately maybe you should plant a few mail seeds and write a personal note to someone.


  1. Have I told you lately how much I treasure you? Thanks for inspiring me.

  2. K.L. - You're a treasure too. I don't have enough words to say what an amazingly courageous woman you are. OH WAIT ... I could write you a letter !!!!