Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Notebook Paper Works

OK ... just in case you've been thinking that you have to use some sort of fancy hand made card to be an encouragement or a blessing ... get over it.  We all remember passing notes in school ... on notebook paper, with all of the ragged edges. Those kind of notes can be a blessing even today.

This morning I couldn't pull myself together.  I used a thesaurus to find a word to describe what I saw in the mirror and all of these seemed to apply ... unkempt, disheveled, rumpled, tousled, frowzy, unruly, uncombed, & ruffled. I changed my clothes so many times that you'd think I was headed for my first day of 7th grade. I ended up in a hoodie and a skirt ... comfort over cute is what I always choose.  My hair got very little attention because I burned my finger on the curling iron, which I blamed on my hair. I'm pretty sure I only put mascara on one my left eyelashes and I applied blush as I was brushing my teeth. There's probably a more accurate method. I forgot to put my contacts in.  AND my shoes didn't match my purse.  (gasp!!)

That was only the beginning of my haywire morning. I'll spare you any more details. I sat down at HomeMakers physically present but mentally things were a lot like my thesaurus words. I was having a few more junior high moments wondering if everyone was looking at me because I was late ... wearing who knows what ... probably with lipstick on my teeth. My thoughts were messy.

I love that it's not even folded straight : )
Everything eventually came together because ... someone handed me a note written on just one piece of notebook paper.  It was a few simple very kind words. Those hand written words calmed my brain and popped me back to reality.  Every single thing I was being distracted by was defused.  The last sentence of the note was "Be blessed". And of course I am.

You can do that for someone.  Look around you. Someone will be encouraged if you'll pull out any old piece of paper and write a little something on it.   Pass it over quietly just like in your school days.

We all know, "it's the thought that counts".  It's really a tiny bit more than the thought. It's the thought that moves you to action that especially counts. If you're thinking about writing a note
 ... do it!!!

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