Thursday, February 9, 2017

Blog Hop With Hearts

I'm so excited to take part in the wonderful blog hop because ... hearts. I love hearts. They're my favorite shape. Some people have a favorite ice cream. I have a favorite shape. 

If you came here from  Wendy Coffman's Blog then you're on the right track. If you just stumbled on you're in for a lot of inspiration as you hop through these heart projects.

Do you have scraps that all seem to wind up being strips? I've been working with the Sugar Rush Paper Packet and wound up with a big stack.  So, I did this. It's hard to throw even the smallest piece away sometimes. It doesn't look like much but here's how it all starts ...

Turn it over and it's all adhered to a 4 x 5.25 inch piece of white cardstock. Once that's finished take out a scissors or trimmer and cut off everything that falls off the white page. When I do this I cover as much of the base piece with adhesive as possible and then adhere the pieces to that. You'll notice that the overlapping pieces are clean. That's because some of them are still possibly great scraps! LOL! ALSO, I do very little planning here. Take a pile of strips and start adding to the paper. I try not to put the exact same ones next to each other but that's about it.

I ran this piece through my Cuttlebug using a Heart Thin Cut
It's important to center it as best possible (you'll see).

This is what you wind up with in pieces.

Do the same thing with a coordinating, less busy piece of paper the same size.

Now you're ready to make TWO cards. I really love it when I can make two cards at once. These are adhered to a basic white card base.

The fun really begins when you add various stamps and embellishments. 
Here you have my two finished cards.

I spent less than a half hour going through the rest of the scraps and wound up with 8 more cards that are ready to decorate. Even without bling these make me very happy. Look at all those hearts!

Of course you don't have to wait for scraps to do something like this, but if you have some ...

Thank you for hopping over. Now go to Amie Kiger's Blog to see more inspiration. She has a list of all the participants plus something that I'm sure will make your heart full!

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