Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Last Minute Christmas - Rose Blossoms Blog Hop

Welcome to our Rose Blossom Blog Hop. Maybe you came here from Marg's blog OR you're just getting started. Either way make sure to hop on after you see my creation.

I'm going to show you a very quick thing I made to deliver some homemade Christmas treats. I love to bake cookies and make candy at Christmas.

Do you see this container? It's a blank canvas ready to become whatever your heart desires. It's a brand new CTMH product. You can deliver a wide variety of gifts with this pint sized container.
Here's what I turned it into with some paper scraps and a bit of bling. Plus a bit of contraband ribbon.
It's so easy that you can definitely consider it a last minute idea.

To cover the all white outside I used random strips from my scraps of Frosted paper.
 (NEVER get rid of your scraps ... they're a treasure trove people!!)

 You can see from all these different views that this isn't about making all the pieces straight and evenly cut. Those are the two things that put an end to "quick" every time, in my opinion. I literally cut the paper into various widths at approximately four inches long. Once I had a pile of pieces my liquid glass and I got busy. THAT is the most amazing adhesive ever. The process was completely random so I really can't explain it any further.

I used my Cricut to cut a perfect circle for the top and a glittery snowflake. So EASY!!! I was really happy to use up some of my square bling, another retired item but perfect for this. If you see CTMH consultants using retired items and get frustrated, don't. When you're shopping through our products choose what you like and add it to your stash. I can guarantee that it will go with something else from CTMH that you already own. I love that about CTMH products.

Here's a good look at the top.

And here's a peek inside.

And here's even more of what's inside. I was so excited to see how many treats I could fit in here.
You might not have any of these sitting around to make a last minute gift from BUT you should. This container would be a great thing to deliver Valentine treats in so stock up. You can cover these or paint on them or stamp on them or whatever your favorite way to be creative is. What you put on the outside doesn't leak through to the inside because there's a coated lining. Yummy!!

Thanks for reading through ... hop on from here to see what Kim at Violets and Sunshine has for you.


  1. One word....Wow!!!! How stunning from scraps bling! I know the recipient loved the container almost as much as the treats inside! Wow!!!!

  2. I love this post ALMOST as much as I love receiving this pretty piece as a gift on Sunday. Like your suggestion of having this container on hand. Thanks Shelly for sharing your artwork and for being YOU!

  3. P.S. Any "refills" available? .... or the recipes at the very least :)

  4. I love this container, and it will be one of the pieces that stays up year round in my office. It makes me happy!!

  5. Such a pretty container and the goodies look delicious!

  6. Now I am convinced I MUST get some of those containers! You made that blank canvas into something lovely! I especially love the snowflake on top!

  7. I agree with Kristine, you just convinced me that I NEED to order some of those containers. I've been hesitant because of the tricky curve to cover but your "pretty pieces" trick takes care of that concern. This is really lovely and I especially like that sparkly snowflake. Wish I could taste of piece of that peppermint bark right about now, lol.

  8. I'm convinced I should live closer to you since you love to bake! :-)
    Beautiful decorating on the pint container. Love the square bling on the shorter points from the snowflake and the silver+pearl center. Beautiful!

  9. What a gorgeous project. And I bet those baked goodies were delicious :)

  10. The project is yummy AND the treats look delicious.

  11. You dressed up this little pint size container beautifully. Love how you cut your paper in different sizes and the snowflake on the top is a gorgeous addition. Beautiful work Shelly. (The treats look fabulous too)