Monday, October 13, 2014

Scrapbooker's Blog Tour

Thank You so much to Tina Gale at My Scrappy Ideas for nominating me to participate in the Scrapbooker's Blog Tour. We met as sister Close To My Heart consultants. She's so sweet to think I'm worthy of this blog hop. It's quite humbling to see what other people are out there creating and be asked to join the list. This "event" involves answering six questions so here goes ...

1 - What am I working on right now?
     I'm working on making memories!! It's a beautiful Fall in Minnesota. I'm quite taken with the beauty of it all. I just want to be out with the colorful leaves and the pumpkins and my wonderful family and friends. I'm taking an overwhelming number of pictures BUT can I help it if this time in my life is full of blessing? I'm really just trying to live these days to the fullest. I'll have all Winter to scrapbook!

2 - How long does it take me to create a project?
     I like fast and simple. I can usually make a layout in an hour or less. Let me qualify this ... I have to be alone (I talk too much at scrapbooking events) AND this only applies to the pages I do for my own scrapbooks. When I create a layout for my customers to purchase it can take FOREVER!! I want it to be just perfect for other people.

3 - What are my favorite things to create with at the moment?
     Paper ... it's always about paper for me! Have you seen my bi-line?? There truly are an unlimited amount of possibilities in just one piece. I have boxes FULL of embellishments ... more than I can use in a lifetime ... but I'm going through a "flat phase". I like the simplicity and speed of using only paper and some coordinating stickers. It could have something to do with the number of pictures I have waiting to be put in the scrapbook. I start with a desktop full of co-ordinating items and in the end I usually find myself putting most (if not all) of the embellishments away. See??

4 - How does my process work?
     The process for a scrapbook layout almost always starts with pictures. Even if I have decided to use a certain paper I don't go very far until I have some pictures to go with it. I have created without pictures and LOVED the freedom of it, but in the end I don't have something completed. My scrapbooks are crying out to me for something to hold on to.
     Once I have the paper and the pictures it's kind of a free for all. A lot of the time I just start cutting paper up to see what happens!! The page you see above happened just like that. I had the paper, the trimmer and some coordinating elements. It really took about 15 minutes to get to this point. (I don't have the pictures on it because this is something that I will be offering my Close To My Heart customers in November.) I can be fussy too BUT I get really frustrated with myself when I try to think too hard. It's not ME to be detailed.

5 - How do I become and stay inspired?
     It sounds a little haughty to say it but I like to stick with ideas that come from my own head. I don't want to look around too much because I don't want to be a copy cat. With that said, if I don't have an idea floating around in my head I go to all of the places that everyone else does ... Pinterest, blogs, & books. There are some beautifully creative things to look at!! I also look through my own scrapbooks. It's fun to recreate favorite layouts with different pictures and products.

6 - What is my signature style?
    Simple (very) & hopefully unique. I want my work to be original as much as possible. In order to do this I look at a product and say ... what was this intended to be used for? Then I try to do something different. LOL!! Here's a page below using "baby" paper. I love to scrapbook every day stuff. Of course I make layouts of birthdays and holidays and vacations BUT my favorite layouts have to do with people in my family doing what they do. I love to scrapbook their personality.

Whew ... did you make it through all of those questions and answers? It was probably easier for you than it was for me. I feel a little like I just visited a counselor!

I can't wait until next week when I can see how Marg Van Patten and Mary Gunn answer these same questions. I looooooooooooooooooooove their blogs and their work. They both have a passion for making things that connect people together. They're creative beyond comprehension but it goes far beyond the art of it all. They both enjoy life and make sure to capture it in their scrapbooks. You can click on their names to see what they're creating now BUT make sure to go back on Monday, October 20th to see what they each have to say.

Thank you for stopping by! If you're visiting me for the first time you can also check out my other blog that's business ONLY!! I call it the Pretty Pieces Café.


  1. Thanks for joining me. I love learning more about you and your process. And I love your 'simple' style! I think it's lovely and classic. I think I love your layouts too because it's all about family same as me. Proud to be your CTMH sister.

  2. You are so FUNN! Hugs and thank you, Shelly.

  3. Love this post Shelly! Your honest insight is refreshing and inspiring ... and your artwork is too!

  4. Love this post too! I am in agreement about looking at others work. :) Everything looks great!

  5. Your voice comes through in this "interview" and in your work. You can always see your love for family in your layouts. Great post Shelly!