Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Artfully Sent Practice Round

Please mark your calendar for a tremendous Artfully Sent blog hop that I'll be participating in this coming Sunday. AND in the meantime here's a little preview.

THIS card will NOT be part of the hop. It's a reject. Hopefully someone in the hop will show you a much better version of what happens when the Artfully Sent cartridge meets the ShinHan Touch Twin markers, the Thankful Heart stamp set and a variety of other embellishments. In fact, I'm positive that I got carried away with this. BUT it's fun to show you what happens when I try too hard! LOL!!!


  1. I think this is bright and pretty!! I so love the fall colors!

    1. Thank You Brenda ... I'm pretty sure I got a little carried away with the coloring but it was fun!