Friday, May 9, 2014

Sweatshirt Inspiration

Inspiration for creating with paper is everywhere. It's just not possible to act on the inspiration every time it pops up. There would be some serious trouble in my life if I did that. I'd be playing with paper all of the time. People would be hungry. This morning I looked down at my clothes and thought, "that's a fun color combo"! (for the most part I picked this outfit based on what I could reach fastest ... I'm no fashionista)

This time I dropped everything and searched out some paper. In a few minutes I had a fun card and used up some scraps of this and that. Woo! Hoo!


  1. Love your color combo and the story behind it! very pretty
    :) Marie

  2. Awesome post Shelly! Love the card and the reminder that inspiration is everywhere. P.S. You always look great you fashionista you!

  3. What a fun card and love the way it matches your inspiration! The white flowers really pop!