Friday, April 18, 2014

Rose Blossom Blog Hop

Welcome to the Rose Blossom Blog Hop. If you came here from Kristine's Blog surely you have just witnessed something wonderful!! If you're starting here, make sure to complete the full circle by clicking from one Rose Blossom to the next near the bottom of each post. Once you get back here you've seen it all!!

This is my first blog hop with the Rose Blossoms. It's all about Skylark and the wonderful things you can create with it. I tend to lean toward speed when I make something with paper. AND since my blog is called "Just One Pretty Piece" I did exactly that. I used a single piece of the lovely Skylark paper to make 9 unique cards in less than an hour ... with no scraps left over! Here's what they look like all together. (individually they don't look as crazy)
The cards are similar of course, but not at all the same.

You can see the Skylark paper pack HERE! You'll see the piece before I cut it up!

I cut this piece into 3 - 4 inch columns and then cut those strips into 9 pieces of 3x4 inch and 1x4 inch. There are NO scraps this way!!! I also used up the zip strip on these cards.

OK ... "WAIT" you say. There are other things going on here besides just one piece of paper. AND you're right. These cards really show off some of the items in the very generous new consultant kit.  I used ONLY items that come in that great big box of fun. And just think, I've only used just one of the papers in the box. You can create so much more with the rest of the paper. I'm sure you're getting lots of ideas on this blog hop.

I can't pick a FAVORITE card from these nine, but I do enjoy these because just one little (3x4) piece of that pretty paper stands alone ...

If you want to hop on you can go to Lynn's Bungalow now. She has something wonderful to inspire you.


If you want to know more about the amazing consultant kit offer and see all of the cards read on ... 

Here's the supply list for these cards (in addition to paper) ... lagoon ink, slate ink, dessert sand ink, Believe in Yourself stamp set, WOTG stamp set, Skylark Assortment, teal shimmer trim, slate twist ties, & triangle studs. I was going to link you up to all of those items BUT ... if you decided to order all of that you might as well jump all in and buy the new consultant kit. You only pay $99 and get over $400 in items this month. When you place your order you get to add ANY of the Close To My Heart exclusive Cricut Cartridges to your order for FREEEEEEEE. (that's a $99 value)

I'm not sure why anyone would pass on this incredible offer. If you're ready to dive in all you have to do is fill out THIS screen and your box of goodies will come right to your door. Not only that ... you will become a member of my Pretty Pieces team AND you'll get a 22% discount on all of your CTMH orders. Do you have to start a business??? NOPE, not at all!! There are no obligations! $400 worth of product are yours for $99 ... just that!!

Here are the rest of the cards ...

Thanks for reading on. If you want to take a look at this "method" in two other places on this blog click HERE or HERE.


  1. Beautiful cards Shelly! Love that you have no scraps left, too.

  2. Shelly! What will you do with no scraps? You are the queen of using your scraps! ;) I love the torn edge detail on that one card. Also love the twist tie use! All the inked edges give them such a unique feel. Home run, my friend! Now, which idea to borrow first...

  3. Wow Shelly! Beautiful cards! I love that you were able to use one piece of paper!

  4. Oh my goodness! What a fabulous idea (and you should have a class teaching this)! People will love being inspired to use just one piece of paper, and this was a great way to tie in your blog name!!

  5. These are great, Shelly! I love how you incorporated the twist ties...I've had the hardest time figuring out what I wanted to do with those. You've totally inspired me! Thanks for sharing...I'm SO glad you're in the blog hop! :D

  6. WOW! What a perfect idea for a New Consultant to create with her kits supplies. I love the concept and the artwork!

  7. How pretty are these cards!! One little piece of paper really? Wow! Each card is so darn cute! I need to buy myself some twist ties after looking at these. This one piece of paper thing is amazing!!

  8. Shelly, you are amazing! The cards are beautiful and you only used one piece of paper - how cool is that!?!?!?

  9. I adore each and every one of these cards but the "Believe in Yourself" is my fave. Love the torn edge with the stamped flourish design showing through. I cannot wait to try this one sheet idea. A perfect project for the "Just One Pretty Piece" blog debut! This would make an excellent card kit or workshop.

  10. Love, love, love your cards, Shelly! Each one has its own personality and each is even prettier than the last. I agree with Lynn, this is perfect for a workshop! You are such an inspiration!

  11. What an excellent selection of cards! Your touches of stamping and the torn edge are wonderful techniques. You inspire me to think outside the box. Easter Blessings to you and yours.