Friday, May 3, 2013

Thank You Rose Blossoms

As I skipped through a few of my favorite blogs this morning I was surprised and so very thankful to see that this layout was chosen to be in the top three at the Rose Blossom Garden Challenge.

I had so much fun making it. AND I totally plan to feature my own #1 Mom. I'm pretty sure there won't be butterflies and tulips for Mother's Day this year (we are weeeeeeeeeeks behind in Minnesnowta) but we're both waiting patiently to get out in the garden.

If you saw the original post you'd know that this was just a practice layout. It was the perfect time to make a template for a little something I had in mind. Here is the end of the journey ...

The practice layout paid off. I loooooove this one too. This is going to be part of the Mission Possible kit being announced in about a week. 

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