Friday, July 6, 2012

Thank You Mom

FIRST ... a special shout out goes to my mom. Her garden(s) are truly tremendous ... every single day. These pictures made the color dare I'm about to describe come together.

Color Dare #7 from Color My Heart is the most daring so far ... well, in my opinion.

My lifetime favorite color is green. I really can't remember when it wasn't. The two colors I dislike the most in the whole color wheel are orange and purple. When the challenge was to use all three secondary colors I considered passing. BUT I was the winner of Color Dare #5 ... Rainbow.  I was asked to create a sample for this particular challenge. Who would say no to such an honor??

Here's my sample. (AND I actually love it - don't tell)

This is an all card stock layout using Close To My Heart's Topiary, Goldrush, Sunset & Petal. I also used Sunset ink. I'm so thankful for my CTMH Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge. There are soooooooo many flower options. In this case I cut one large circle of flowers at 11.5 inches. (for those with the cartridge it's <square5> shift with the Font Layer key selected) I sliced it up into the three different parts you see here.  The rest of the flowers are cut from scraps in a rather random method. (that's how I roll ... random) The edges are sponged with Sunset ink. AND of course there was a bling attack going on as well.

One thing that made me very happy was the letters. I didn't leave much room for a title (which is one of the troubles with "random" versus purposeful). Thankfully I found felt letter just the right size ... but not the right color. Sponge dauber to the rescue again. This required a little junior high art training. When I tried orange ink on pink letters it actually just made darker pink. WHY?  There's red in pink. So I got out my Sunflower (yellow) ink and TA DA!!

Red(pink) + Yellow = Orange

The same thing worked with the bling. It's impossible to see in the photos, but I inked the bling in both purple and orange. It's subtle, but it sticks with the entire theme. Three years ago (before I met CTMH) I thought ink came in 5 colors ... black, brown, red, green, & blue.  hahahahahaha!!!  Since I have almost 60 CTMH colors now I'm entertained by my ignorance. What did I do before? Now I have power to color match almost anything.

Here are some close up shots of the two pages separately ...


  1. Thank you so much for creating this for us at Color my Heart! It is beyound gorgeous! I hope you'll stick with us and continue to stretch yourself!


    1. You have NOTHING to worry about Sarah ... I'll be back again and again. You've made a believer out of me. I have a feeling that if I look through most of my work I use the same colors again and again. NOT ANY MORE!! This color combo is proof that I can do anything I set my mind to.

  2. Love your page, the colors go perfect and the pictures are awesome. I loved how you used the AP cart to make the flowers will have to try.

  3. Stunning! Amazing idea for those cuts on AP...keep those creative juices flowing! :)

  4. Purple and orange are not my favorite colors either, but they look rather stunning on your beautiful page. I love it all!!! Great job!!!