Friday, June 8, 2012

Playing with Letters

This was a complete experiment when I started. I love the results. In case you're thinking ... "this is too time consuming" ... you should know that most of the time I made these letters out on my deck while I enjoyed an iced tea. You can always take small projects outside. That brings joy for sure.

Letter Stamps + Scraps = well, more exciting letters!!
Check out what the Posterboard Alphabet can do.

If you don't make cards this is definitely a great scrapbook addition.
Stamp letters on scrap paper and cover area with adhesive.

Cover whole letter with scrap pieces.

Trying out more than one direction ... since I have no idea if this is really a good idea or not!!

Restamp the letters making sure that the whole letter is somewhere on patterned paper.

Cut each letter out and attach to your project.


  1. how neat....if you have could cut the letters from a page prepared. not sure if the cricut would cut through the 2 layers!! Maybe if the base was vellum...or use the deep housing blade.