Sunday, June 10, 2012

Enjoy Life

Today I'm working with Enjoy Life. I'm not going to lie ... it's a challenge. I love these stamps but that doesn't mean they make me feel creative. Sometimes I buy things without a plan. Oh brother, let's get real ... I almost never have a plan when I buy paper creating supplies.

This daily effort has been so good. I recommend it to everyone. Get your stuff out and make something. Maybe it will be awesome, maybe it will be less than stellar. The important part is trying. You just never know what might happen. Give yourself the freedom to try.

YES ... I am working with NON-CTMH paper (gasp)! I'm a paper addict so I have soooooo many to choose from. The exciting part is that you can use CTMH stamps with any paper. The stamps aren't specific to any sort of paper pattern. These are all CTMH embellishments too.

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