Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bling Please

Today I pulled out a stamp set called Love Clusters ... it's similar to Happy Clusters, which came out in the last Idea Book. These stamps have made me curious from the get go. They appear to be begging for embellishments. How can that be anything but fun?!?

There's so much to tell you about that I don't know where to start ... how about a picture?  In order to best use these stamps you cut out the shape on the Cricut, using the Art Philosophy cartridge. The exact size is marked right on the stamp sheet.

Once you cut the shape out ... stamp & decorate. I'm making it sound easy because it is. Once the image is stamped you just fill in the spaces with other things, like more stamps OR embellishments. Here I used pearls and buttons.

The background on the card above is made entirely from ribbon. I love lots of mixing and matching so this makes me happy. It's also so easy & different from the basic paper background. You might be thinking "Valentine" when you see this, but I'm thinking "Baby Girl".  Sweetness in pink.

How about this butterfly? You can see from this card what the basic stamp looks like before the doodads. Do you have a spectacular friend? I have a lot of them. I hang out with people who really stand out. I'm more than happy to be in the background. I will be sending this card to someone to tell her how much I love the way she's decorated : )


  1. You've inspired me to think outside the button box!

  2. I had no clue what to do with this stamp set...UNTIL NOW!!!! Thank you for sharing the fabulous idea!

  3. Me TOO! So glad you showed me how to use the awesome set! I love the card. Did you make the background on the blue card? If so, could you tell us how? Also how do you get the larger blue lines/splotches? Using wax or cling wrap?

    1. The blue background is just a piece of paper from the Topstitched paper pack. It's funny that you think I used a technique Sharon because mostly I'm kinda uncoordinated when it comes to inking the edges of a paper. I just drag the paper across the ink pad. This paper kept slipping on me. SO ... I did it in a second color, hoping that no on would notice - hahahahaha.

  4. I need to get this stamp set out and use it! I love your cards!!