Monday, March 12, 2012

What if there were BLOG Police???

The basic definition of a blog is that it's an on-line journal. I love to write and could actually say a little something every day if that's what I thought this blog was good for. BUT when I go to a blog I want to see pictures and lots of them ... on a regular basis.

Since that's my criteria, I'm soooooooooo happy that there are no BLOG Police. I would have failed by now and been dragged off to bloggers jail. I wouldn't be alone there because I'm not the only sporadic blogger. BUT I don't like to get in trouble. Thankfully no one is following my rules.

Just to see if it actually can be done I'm planning to post photos for the next week and they'll all have something to do with paper! For those who have tried to be my "followers" ... I apologize for lacking that fresh batch of pictures on a regular basis. For those who just look now and then ... thank you. Come back tomorrow to see what I've tracked down to show you.

STUDIO J ... These are just one side of some of my recent favorite layouts. When you're a Studio J member you get a jpeg files of every layout and every page.  Woo Hoo ... that means I can share with you AND keep track of my layouts forever.

If you want to see the whole layout and more click on the tab that says Studio J.

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