Friday, December 9, 2011

Every Day

For some silly reason I can't begin to understand I  have started doing not one, but two (more) things every single day. If there's one thing I've always struggle with it's being disciplined & regimented & all out orderly. If I wanted to really impress you with A LOT of paper I'd photograph the piles on my counter or the paper explosion that takes place when I create something. Mostly I'm messy, so it's pretty much a miracle that I'm hanging in there with these two things. 

1 - write a letter to a stranger every day (this is only for 12 days, but it's still every day for 12 days during decorating, baking, shopping, wrapping, partying, singing season.)
2 - take a picture every day AND post it on line. 

Maybe I can change. Maybe.

10 minutes ago I stumbled on this ... create a card every day. I'm on such a roll with this every day thing that I actually considered it. Thankfully the desire to jump on that band wagon quickly changed to a sense of sheer panic. Seriously ... who in the world do I think I am??

There's really only one critical thing that I care to do every day ... read my Bible. If I didn't do this there's no way I could begin to even consider any of the other things I've been doing. Quiet time is the only consistent thing that I have and it makes all the difference in how I live my life.

I will always take pictures AND I'll always write letters AND I'll always make cards. BUT none of those "practices" define me. The truly deep, abiding satisfaction in my life comes as I celebrate CHRISTmas every day. I won't be able to post my progress. You'll just have to hang out with me (for years) to find out just how valuable this one simple daily practice really is.

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  1. You inspire me, trying to get the bible everyday thing down!