Saturday, October 29, 2011

Counting The Days ...

... not gonna lie ... A girl has to be careful what she commits to.

 No one out there probably really even knows that I set a goal to post every day for the second half of October when I joined up with the Blogtoberfest. BUT I know and if there's on thing I am it's a woman of my word. I like my "yes" to mean yes and my "no" to mean no.

So now I'm counting the days until October 31st because I'm in over my head. There are two more posts after this one and then I'll post whenever I feel like. I'm sure it will still be regular, but not daily.

Yes ... this might be a Valentine. They're starting to collect "love" cards at Operation Write Home so I'm starting to make them. All of the things you see here were in my "oops" tray. Those are the things that I cut too many of OR the wrong size OR the wrong color OR the last on in a pack OR well anything can wind up in the oops tray ... but that isn't the end of the line. Sometimes the things in that tray fall together better than a card that tooks careful planning and organization.

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  1. Okay, you made it throught about every second day from now till...Chirstmas??

    fellow CTMH Consultant